Since Spring 2014

Hello, I am Ana Buigues Durá and I love espadrilles, wearing, designing, making, altering them ... and selling them.

I am based in Valencia, Spain.

In my store you will find:

.supplies to make espadrilles

.espadrilles of my own design that I either make myself or have them made for me in local low key workshops in Spain.

.espadrilles I do not make myself and that I alter and use as a base for my own designs.

.espadrilles I do not make myself but that I happen to like and want to offer to the public – either to be altered by the client or worn as they come directly from the manufacturer or the artisan.

You can also visit my Etsy shop.


Ana Buigues Durá: Owner, Supplies Finder, Curator, Designer, Maker, Customer Service, etc.

Made in Spain (Valencia, 1962).  Ana has several degrees in Art History and is a Spanish & English teacher and translator. She cannot live without her crafts and her search for interesting and unique craft supplies and beautiful espadrilles.  She loves bookbinding, fiber arts and sewing - mostly the designing part.  She is also a recycling freak.

Bjørn Maghildoen: Trouble Shooter

Made in Norway (Gol, 1966).  Bjørn, Ana's love and partner, is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist - who makes a living from his art projects. He helps Ana in her troubles when needed.

Marisa Muñoz: Photographer

Made in Spain (Valencia, 1976). Apart from being an excellent photographer, Marisa is also a Technical Architect, a knitwear designer and a well rounded crafter. She is based in Valencia, Spain. She is also Ana's knitting instructor.